Demorize Digital Signage Software

Chapter 17. Editing

This chapter describes how to edit scenes and the objects that are added to the scene layers.

On a general level, all scenes are built using objects that are added to scene layers. These objects have properties that are edited in order to change the appearance and behavior of the object. The objects and their properties are further described in Section 17.1, “Objects”.

Each object that is added to a layer also has a corresponding timeline that can be used to control some of the object's properties over time. More about these property controllers is described in Section 17.4, “Timeline”.

Some objects can make use of dynamic properties that are controlled through external data sources. This is described in Section 17.2, “Using Data Sources”

All graphical objects can have their visual appearance affected by graphical filters. These can be used to create transition effects to make objects appear or disappear in a nice way, but can also be used to give objects a visual effect such as drop shadow etc. This is further described in Section 17.6, “Filters”.