Demorize Digital Signage Software

17.1.3. Video

The video object displays a video stream on the screen.

The video object acts an image object and thus, apart from its own properties, contains all the properties that image objects have.

Video Properties

  • AutoPlay - Indicates if the video stream shall be played automatically when it is loaded.
  • LoopVideo - Tells if the video stream shall restart when the end of the stream is reached.
  • Type - This property selects where the video stream is retrieved from. This affects how the VideoSource property is interpreted.
  • VideoSource - If the type is set to FILE, the VideoSource property shall point to a valid video file stream on your file system. If the type is set to URL, it shall point to a valid Internet video stream including the transport protocol to use, such as http:// etc. If the type is set to CAPTURE, the VideoSource property names the video capture device to use. Leave this field empty to use the first available capture device that is connected to your computer. Video capture is for example used to get video from a web camera.