Demorize Digital Signage Software

17.1.6. Pie Chart

This object displays a pie chart. The chart data that is displayed in the pie chart is dynamic and is provided by a data source. This allows for real-time display of chart data that is updated while the chart is shown. When the object is first created, it is not showing any chart since there is no data source set.

Chart Properties

  • DataSource - The data source item from which the chart data is retrieved. This must be set to a valid data source item in order for any pie chart to be displayed.
  • Fields - This property is a collection of the settings for each of the pie slices. This is where you set the colors and explosion amount, that makes pie slices stand out from the others.
  • FirstFieldIsHeading - Set this property to True if the first field in the data defines the pie slice texts.
  • LegendArea - The rectangle in the chart where the legend is shown. The values specify a percentage value of the total size of the entire chart object.
  • LegendFont - The font that is use for the text in the legend.
  • Orientation - Specifies whether the items in the legend shall be oriented horizontally or vertically.
  • Font - The font that is used for printing the percentage values in the chart.
  • RotationX - The pie chart rotation specified in degrees.