Demorize Digital Signage Software

17.1.1. Text

The text object displays a static or dynamic text on the screen.

Text Properties

  • Text - This is the text that is displayed on the screen. The text may contain references to data items as described in Section 17.2, “Using Data Sources”.
  • TextColor - The text color is specified in A;R,G,B color format, where the alpha value is optional but describes the amount of transparency if it is present. An alpha value of 0 means fully transparent and a value of 255 means fully opaque.
  • ShadowColor - The shadow color places a shadow below the text if it is anything but fully transparent. The shadow color is specified in A;R;G;B color format.
  • TextFont - The font in which the text will be rendered.
  • HorizontalAlignment - Specifies where the text will be horizontally placed within its defined rectangle.
  • VerticalAlignment - Specifies where the text will be vertically placed within its defined rectangle.
  • WordBreak - If set to True, the text will be broken into multiple lines if it does not fit within the width of the defined rectangle.