Demorize Digital Signage Software

Chapter 19. Scripting

This chapter describes the scripting system within Demorize. This is an advanced feature that most user will not need to use. It can however be very powerful if you have special needs that can't be achieved with the Demorize Editor user interface.

Scripting can be used for:

  • Data sources
  • Object behavior
  • Object properties

The scripting of data sources can be used to create advanced data sources that provide information that cannot be delivered using the normal data connections available in Demorize.

The object behavior scripting is used for controlling how an object shall behave and appear depending on the input data that the object is operating on. This type of scripting is not described in this chapter, but is rather described in Section 17.1, “Objects” that talks about each of the individual objects. How scripts can be used in these cases is different for each type of object.

Scripting of object properties is used for programmatically controlling an object's properties over time. This is a more advanced way of controlling object properties than using the basic object controllers that are described in Section 17.4, “Timeline”. The effect system though, that is described in that chapter, is actually scripts. You can write and add these types of effect scripts to the system yourself, which is described below.

Demorize makes use of the Lua scripting language for its scripting support. For more information about Lua, see the References section.