Demorize Digital Signage Software

18.2. Launching Demorize Player

The Demorize Player can be launched from within the editor for a selected stream. This will play a stream in the same way as it is played on clients that are running the stand-alone Demorize Player software.

Some options related to the playback of a stream can be configured in the Player Launch settings, which are described in Section 16.2.2, “Demorize Player Settings”.

Launching the Demorize Player will start the player software just as if it was started by a client, but with the difference that it runs a locally stored stream instead of downloading it from a distribution server. It takes a little while before the player has loaded and initialized the stream and scenes from the project files and is ready to start its presentation. At any time, you can exit the Demorize Player software by pressing the Escape key on the keyboard. Shutting down the player software may also take a little while so you have to be patient.

If you end up with only a black screen after having launched the player, you shall check that the stream contains scenes that reference correct and available scene layers.