Demorize Digital Signage Software

16.2. Settings

The project settings are stored in the project when it is saved.

16.2.1. Screen Settings

In the View tab in the application menu, you can set the dimensions of the screen area on which you are designing your scenes. The aspect ratio selection box can be used to set a number of predefined screen sizes such as 4:3 or 16:9. This is only a faster way of specifying the actual screen size you want to work with. You can set a custom size of your own by selecting the Custom item in the aspect ratio box. This allows you to specify a width and height of your own in the Canvas size group. See Section 15.2.2, “Screen Dimensions” for more information on the coordinate system used in scenes.

16.2.2. Demorize Player Settings

The Demorize Player settings are found in the Player tab in the application menu. The settings dialog contains the settings for running the Demorize Player software from within the editor. This is mainly used for testing your presentations before they are launched to public displays. These settings are used when the Demorize Player is launched from the Play button in the Player menu tab in the editor, or from the Play menu item in a stream's context menu.

The following launch parameters control the behavior of the player software:

  • Update interval - Sets the interval at which the player software will check for updated scenes and streams.
  • Start in fullscreen mode - When checked, the player will occupy the whole screen area. The presentation will run more smoothly when it is running in full-screen mode. Leaving this option unchecked will run the player software in a separate window on your desktop.
  • Show the mouse cursor - When checked, the mouse cursor will be visible over the presentation. When unchecked, the mouse cursor will be hidden when the located over the presentation.
  • Enable player application logging - When checked, the player will create a log file containing debug information that can be useful for debugging errors in scenes and streams. The log file will be written in the Demorize\Logs folder in the local application data folder for the current logged-on user in Windows.
  • Capture frames to My Pictures folder - When checked, an animation sequence of all the rendered frames are saved in user's My Pictures folder in Windows. The player will capture frames with a fixed simulated time interval between each frame as specified by the frames per second setting. The player will be slowed down and not run in real-time during capturing.

The Global Variables section of the Demorize Player settings is used for publishing parameters to the Demorize Player that can be used within a presentation to affect what is presented. These can for example be used as parameters in SQL queries or for control of other presentation objects. The parameters are accessed using a parameter string $(global.variable_name) where variable_name is replaced with the name of your variable.

The global variables are set as arguments to the launch of the Demorize Player software. This means that the client that is launching the Demorize Player software is the one that is responsible for settings these parameters, they are not stored within the project files or on the distribution server.