Demorize Digital Signage Software

16.1. Storage

Before we go into details on how to work with the different data items in a Demorize project, you need to know how things are stored and referenced in the system.

Most of the data used in a project is stored in the project workspace folder that is created when you start a new project. This includes the configuration of data sources, the graphical design of scene layers with their objects and timelines, the configuration of scenes and streams that are displayed by the clients.

Data referenced by a data source can be stored as embedded resources in the same physical folder as the Demorize project, but it does not need to be. Data sources are used by scenes to create dynamic objects that display text and data that is automatically updated whenever the data changes at the source. The data that a data source references can for example be pulled out of databases by the use of SQL queries. It can also be referencing files on your network file system, RSS feeds from the Internet, Excel sheets and many other types of data sources. Configuration of data sources are further described in Section 16.6, “Data Source and Data Items”.

The last type of data that does not have to be stored in the project folder are media files. Media files are the images and video files that are displayed by the image and video objects in a scene layer. These files can be embedded in the project if you like but they can also be stored on network file servers if needed.