Demorize Digital Signage Software

Chapter 16. Project

A project in the Demorize Editor refers to the collection of files and configuration that make up a presentation stream. A project uses a file folder for storage of all its data. The project folder acts as a workspace for the configuration of both the graphical design, data and the file resources, such as images and other resources used by the project.

The first thing to do when creating a new project is to specify a directory location on your computer where the project shall be created. A number of folders and files will be created that you don't need to care about. Everything you need in order to handle this project workspace is available inside the Demorize Editor.

After the project workspace has been created, you can start working with the editor, but it is advised that you read the rest of this chapter before you start. This chapter describes all the concepts and data items that can be edited and configured within a project. After reading this chapter you shall have a good enough view of how the system works to actually start working with the editor.