Demorize Digital Signage Software

16.3. Scene Layer

As described in the overview in Section 6.1, “Scene Layer”, scene layers are the basic building blocks in the creation of presentations. The layers that are included in your project are shown in the Project view under the Layers category.

16.3.1. Activation of layers

Before a layer can be edited in the Screen view or the Timeline view, it must be activated. This is done by clicking the eye icon next to the layer name or by selecting Activate in its context menu of the layer in the Project view. Multiple layers may be activated at the same time. The active layers are shown on top of each other in the Screen view in the order in which they were activated. Newly created layers are always activated by default.

Each activated layer has an own timeline that is shown as a separate tab in the Timeline view. The timeline tab that has the focus, i.e. that is currently shown in the Timeline view, indicates to which layer new objects are added when new objects are created.

Layers that you no longer want to edit, or that you want to hide from the Screen view, can be deactivated in the Project view.