Demorize Digital Signage Software

16.5. Stream

A stream defines which scenes that shall be played after each other on a Demorize Player client, as described in the overview in Section 6.3, “Stream”. Streams are shown in the Project view under the Streams category.

Editing a stream is done by double clicking on the stream in the Project view or by selecting Properties from its context menu. This will open a dialog that presents the stream's parameters.

The user interface for the stream properties contains a list of the scenes that shall be played by the stream. Scenes are played in the order in which they are presented in the list. Streams loop their playback, meaning that when the last scene has been played it starts over with the first one again.

A stream is always kept up-to-date by a Demorize Player by downloading any changes that has been made to it or its scenes while it is playing. It is when a stream loops that these new changes to the stream content are applied. This means that a stream will play its current list of scenes with their current definitions until it comes to the end of the stream. The contents will only change between each repetition of the stream.