Demorize Digital Signage Software

19.2. Effect scripting

The effect scripts that are shown in the context menu of an object on the timeline are actually script files. These are stored in an hierarchical structure on your file system in a folder named Effects that is located where you have your Demorize software installed. This applies for both the Demorize Editor software and the Demorize Player software.

A Demorize presentation that makes use of script effects must also have the effects that it uses installed on the computer that is running the Demorize Player software. For the standard effects that are delivered with the Demorize system, these are already installed when the Player software is installed. However, if you change these effects or if you write new effects, you have to copy these effect script files to the Demorize Player installation folder on the presentation computers yourself.

Script effect files are named with a .lua extension. These are ordinary text files and can opened in any text editor such as Notepad or such.

The easiest way of getting started on how to write effect scripts is to look at the scripts that are installed with the product. These contain some examples on how to control object properties and how to make calls into the Demorize system to get values out of the system. The following sections describe in more detail how the various functions in the scripts works.