Demorize Digital Signage Software

Chapter 5. Demorize Player

The Demorize Player is a software application that is run on each display node in a Demorize system. A display node is actually an ordinary computer that is connected to a screen that is displaying the presentation.

A Demorize Player is configured with a stream of scenes that it is going to show. Once the player has started, it continually downloads scenes from a Demorize Server and displays them. This server can be located anywhere on the network as long as the computer running the player can access it. On smaller installations the Demorize Player does not need any server but can instead access a Demorize project that is stored locally on the computer that is running the Demorize Player software. All the scenes and the data source definitions they use are stored in this Demorize project. However, it is the player that is actually downloading the information from the data sources and combines that information into the scenes that are presented on the screen. The data sources can be anything from company databases or file systems to public Internet sources such as RSS feeds and web pages.