Demorize Digital Signage Software

Chapter 4. System Components

The core part of the Dual Heights Demorize system is its unique presentation software, also known as the Demorize Player. The Demorize Player software utilizes the power of today's computers graphics capabilities and network infrastructure to produce high impact presentations consisting of images, video, texts, charts and other graphical elements that are combined to produce broadcast quality presentations. The data presented by the software is automatically collected from network based data sources such as databases, network files or even Internet sources such as RSS-feeds and web pages.

The Demorize Player makes use of scenes for the final presentation. Scenes can be seen as layout templates for a presentation. A scene is the equivalent of a slide in traditional slide based presentation program, but the difference here is that a scene has a timeline and its appearance can also be modified by external input during a presentation. Scenes are combined into what is known as streams, which are used by the Demorize Player software. Each Demorize Player in a Demorize network is assigned to play a specific stream. A Demorize Player constantly reads the contents of its stream and dynamically constructs the presentation by combining the scenes defined in the stream into a lengthy seamless presentation. Since the contents of the scenes can be dynamic and changed during the lifetime of a presentation, the final presentation is constantly evolving its appearance and contents.

As mentioned earlier, a Demorize system is preferably run in a networked scenario. This means that the definition of the streams and scenes are stored on a central network node in the system. This allows for easy distribution and maintenance of what is actually displayed by each Demorize Player. In a networked Demorize system, there can be several Demorize Players running their own stream of scenes. Still, the global storage of the streams and scenes are kept on a central node which allows for easy update of the content.

Even though the Demorize system is designed to run in big networked scenarios, it functions equally good in a small installation of only a single screen. The Demorize Player software is integrated into the Demorize Editor software which means that you can run it as a stand-alone product without any need for a complex software and hardware installation.

The Demorize Editor is also a vital part of the Demorize system. This is the program used for the construction of scenes and setup of streams. The Demorize Editor is a graphical editor in which the scenes are designed and constructed. It is also in this editor that the graphical elements in the scenes are setup to reference external data sources such as databases and RSS feeds etc. These external data source references are what makes a scene dynamic. A text field can for example be made to reference an entry in an RSS feed and thus always presents what is written in the RSS feed upon presentation of the scene in the player.