Demorize Digital Signage Software

Chapter 3. Introduction

The Dual Heights Demorize system is a software suite for presentation and broadcasting of real-time information. The software creates powerful presentations using modern graphics hardware by combining images, video, text and data in real-time. The word real-time refers to the fact that the graphics is generated and presented live, without the need of static video clips. The word real-time also refers to the fact that the images, video, text and data does not need to be fixed but can rather be updated and retrieved from dynamic data sources while a presentation is running. These data sources could for instance be live video capture from web-cameras, retrieval of text and data from SQL databases or data changed by a user while a presentation is running. The data retrieved must not only be presented in textual form but can also be used to control diagrams, graphs and other types of visual elements.

In short, if you have dynamic information that shall be displayed on a screen - Demorize will do the job.

The design and layout of the screens is all up to you, the creator of the digital signage content. You have full freedom to create, layout and animate your screens. All the necessary tools for creating a professional TV-broadcast quality presentation are available. Images, video, text and other graphics can be mixed, blended and designed to fit your profile and needs.

The best way to describe the Dual Heights Demorize software is to think of a video production software - but real-time, as defined above, and mixed with a portion of the presentation capabilities of slide based presentation programs.

The Dual Heights Demorize system is a versatile presentation platform that for example can be used for:

  • Dynamic presentation displays in public areas such as train station waiting halls, waiting rooms for theaters and movies, schools etc.
  • Advertising displays in public areas and stores such as billboards and dynamic posters.
  • Active information systems in busses, trains, boats and aircrafts.
  • Dynamic information displays in factories, industries and offices.
  • Presentations for small local TV-broadcast information channels in hotels and vacation villages.
  • Visual effects for live stage concerts and events.