Demorize Digital Signage Software

Chapter 9. Project Workflow

Before you start editing your presentations you should think through what you would like to present and for what audience you are making the presentation. Start off by first deciding on the contents of your presentation by making a list of things that you would like to show. This list does not have to be complete before you start prototyping but it helps to know what type of graphical elements you would like to present and how they are grouped in order to partition the presentation in a good way.

Once you know what information that you would like to present, make a rough sketch of how you would like it to look. The Demorize system works by presenting things in what it calls scenes and layers, so it is good to think in terms of these layers. Layers can be combined and presented on top of each other on the screen through the concept of scenes. This means that you can partition your graphical elements of your presentations into different layers for reuse. This is particularly useful for graphical background and foreground elements that should be the same between different screens.

After you have your disposition and sketches made you are ready to start using the Demorize Editor software to create your presentation. Using the Demorize Editor software to setup a full presentation involves a number of steps:

  • Creating a new project.
  • Designing layers with graphical elements, animations and effects.
  • Creating data source connections for dynamic data.
  • Modifying the layers to use the data sources for its dynamic information.
  • Creating scenes that combines layers if you are designing using multiple layers.
  • Adding scenes to streams for use by the displays.
  • Testing the presentation using the Demorize Player software.

Each one of the above steps are demonstrated in the coming tutorials.