Remember! is a fun, mind training, family game for all ages based on the old real life card game Memory.

Compete against yourself or play up to four players.

About the game

The game contains fifty unique and pleasant pictures which makes the game fun to play over and over again. You can also create your own pictures if the supplied are not enough. Why not create a game with pictures of your family and relatives? Pictures can be combined with sounds to provide increased experience or to create sound matching games. This can even be used to create games for people with visual imparity.

Association games can also be created, where card pairs do not use the same picture, by using the editor that comes with the game. This can be used to help in education of children or just to create a more interesting game. Imagine the fun of having a small music piece on one card and the singer or name of the band on another card. This creates a whole new way of playing!

The game is suitable for both the young and elderly because of the many configuration options. The game is very customizable and even has support for being played by functionally disabled people. This includes full game control with everything from only one button to full mouse, keyboard or game pad use.

Game Features


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A demo version of the game can be downloaded here for free: The demo version includes full game play but no high score, no card editor and is limited in some options.

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System Requirements