Break GOLD
4 EUR (+ VAT)
Break GOLD is a combination of block breaking and puzzle solving game.

The game has an interesting and unique gameplay compared to other games in the genre.

5 EUR (+ VAT)
The world is full of mushrooms and they grow faster and faster.
It is your job to pick them up and match them together to make room for more mushrooms.

Fungi is a fast paced color matching puzzle game.

Personal Disco VR
Personal Disco VR is a virtual reality disco dance floor entertainment game.

5 EUR (+ VAT)
Remember! is a fun, mind training, family game for all ages.

The game is very customizable and can be used for both fun and educational purposes.
The game even has adaptions for people with functional disabilities.

An exciting and educational game for ages 3-7 years.

Open secret chests and explore the mini-games that are hiding inside.

Tug of Magic
Tug of Magic is a real-time strategy game set in a world of magic fantasy creatures and spells.