Filter parameters


The brightness level in the input image where blooming will begin. Lower level means more blooming and higher values means that only bright areas in the input image blooms.

Threshold Range

Intensity Range above the threshold that is included in the blooming. Lower this range to narrow down high intensities.
Use this to only apply the filter on mid tones in your image.


The distance that the blooming effect will spread away from bright areas. A value of 0 means no spread and higher values means larger spread.


The amount of blooming that is added to the output image.


The width versus height ratio of the spread. A value of 0 means an equal spread in all directions while a higher values means that the spread is squashed. The squash direction is controlled by the Angle setting.


The angle at which the anisotropy squashing is performed. This setting is only applicable if Anisotropy is larger than 0.

Tint Color

If tinting is used, the blooming will be colored by this value. This settings is only applicable if Tint Amount is larger than 0.

Tint Amount

The amount of color tinting that shall be applied to the blooming effect. A value of 0 means that the original color is maintained while higher tinting amount means the tint color will be blended in.