Demorize Digital Signage Software - About Demorize Editor

The Demorize Editor is a powerful design software that is used for the creation of dynamic displays.

Scene Based Editing

An author uses the editor to create scenes that are published to the Demorize Player software for presentation. A scene contains all the graphical objects that makes up the presentations. The scene can be seen as a slide in a slide based presentation program but with one major difference; a scene also contains a time line.

The time line is used for animating objects and controlling graphical effects that are applied to them. An object, such as a text for example, can be moved around on the screen. An effect such as a fade in and fade out can also be applied to the text object independently from other effects. This means that you have full control of the appearance of every graphical object placed on the screen.

Dynamic Data

The true power of the Demorize system lies in how data is presented by the software. The Demorize data source concept is what makes scenes dynamic in their appearance. A data source defines a connection to an external source from which data is retrieved during the presentation. This data can be used for display as text in text objects, data for charts or simply to control properties of the graphical objects. Data can be gathered from different sources such as SQL queries to a database, an RSS feed from the Internet, system variables such as time and date or simply a text file in a file system.

Data sources are what makes the Demorize system truly powerful in that presentations can update their appearance without the need for any manual editing and updating of the scenes. Scenes makes themselves up-to-date by retrieving their information from the source of the data when they are presented on the screens.

Key Features